Hi! I'm Janette. I teach entrepreneurs how
to make videos they're excited to share. 


I have to say, my obsession with video surprised me. In real life (IRL), I’m a nerdy techie who’s been making websites since last century. But I also love to teach nerdy techie stuff and I realized a couple of years ago that "show don't tell" applies as much to teaching as it does to good fiction writing. 

I also noticed that people have an easier time paying attention if I’m STARING AT THEM while I’m talking, so hiding behind slides wasn’t really an option.

So I got on video but...I HATED IT! (Can you relate?) Being a tenacious problem solver, I played and tweaked until I figured out a streamlined system for making videos that I felt REALLY good about.

Once I got confident that my videos looked great, then I noticed that my “vibe” really changed when it was time to record.

The process just got more FUN and so did I! Which of course, makes my videos that much more engaging for my viewers.

Now I want to teach YOU my system for looking and FEELING amazing on video. Because my second favorite thing to making video, is watching YOU transform the way show up on screen. Join me!

Talk To Me!

Got a question or a great joke? Tell me, tell me! Seriously, your questions help me make great content. And I always love interacting with people on the other side of the screen!


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